Equipment List

1. Three 3D 4K virtual studio systems powered by the Unreal Video Game Engine, allowing your productions to take place anywhere in the Universe you can dream with complete reality. Live compositing with cameras moving freely, anywhere.

2. Green screen cyclorama with stage, audio and video control rooms, and lighting grid. Large three walled pre-lit cyclorama (40 ft by 50 ft. total). Tons of silent HVAC, clean isolated power (separate transformers), 20 ft. ceiling (15 ft. to the grid), and stadium-style seating for audiences up to 130. Conference area, dining areas, luxurious green room, dressing rooms, editing rooms, makeup room, and production offices.

3. Extensive studio lighting and dimming package

4. Three Varicam 35 4K cinema cameras, three Fujinon Cabrio zoom 4K cinema lenses. Multi-camera studio configurations, complete with remote controls and communication.

5. Ki-Pro 4K recording decks with massive storage capability. 4 feeds recorded -- isos on all cameras plus a line cut.

6. 4K Switcher

7. Large assortment of cinema quality wireless and boom mics, and full communication system

8. The Ultimatte 12 4K chromakeyers for perfect keys

9. Star Tracker camera tracking system, allowing cameras to move freely with precise tracking for perfect live compositing. Truck, dolly, crane, stedicam -- total moving camera freedom 

10. Teleprompter system — 5 total (one on each of the three cameras and two additional “presidential” prompters that can be positioned anywhere)

11. Assorted tripods and dollies, including two encoded Vinten Vision 250E pan and tilt heads with Vinten 2-Stage EFP CF 150mm Pozi-Loc Tripods and dollies with full studio configuration remote controls, and one Vinten Vision 100 tripod system

12. 13 ft. CamMate Travel Series encoded jib, encoded by General Lift, with motorized pan/tilt and remote zoom/focus, allowing for precisely tracked shots that match perfectly with the virtual sets. This is the famous “Encodacam”, as used on the movie Avatar.

13. Vast assortment of HD and 4K monitors

14. Fully decked out editing rooms and systems

15. Luxury 40 ft. motorhome with theater-style area for client viewing and green room or office purposes — located inside overlooking the stage

And much more