Virtual Standing Sets — A Location Scout’s Dream

Discovering the perfect location for a film or TV project is tough. First, depending on the project, the locations you need are often thousands of miles away and then thousands of miles apart. Second, you have to deal with weather for outdoor projects, permitting, unexpected noise in the area, construction costs, paying to reserve the space, set storage costs, thinking about travel times for cast and crew, and much more.

Now, there’s a better way. L.A. Castle Studios has scientifically pioneered advances in the availability of standing sets. Our virtual backlot contains standing sets for any scene you can dream past, present, or future. Unlike other virtual studios, every scene on our stage is live-composited so you can see exactly what you’re recording, with full moving cameras — as if you were really filming in that location.

We have full creative control over our standing sets. We can change colors, design, perspective, and often even the weather. Imagine filming your next project at L.A. Castle Studios: one minute your actors are in the hot sun of the Sahara Desert, the next, in cool and breezy coastal New Zealand, then a tragedy at a New England hospital, now poolside at Los Angeles mansion — all without ever leaving our stage. You can even travel to the past like Victorian London or anywhere else, or to the future in a technological paradise or dystopian realm. The cost savings and creative advantages are enormous.

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-L.A. Castle Studios Team

Live Streaming — Changing Production Convenience

Have you ever wanted to film on particular dates, but find your client unavailable to travel to Los Angeles on those dates? Good news! L.A. Castle Studios has engineered a video linking service. Our video linking service allows productions being filmed on our stage to be streamed to your client, no matter where they are. The stream, like most productions on our stage, is live-composited so you and your clients will see full set environments and actors together. 

While viewing the live stream, your clients can make comments on the production and you can ensure that you’re meeting your client’s vision. For a “behind the scenes” type video, these streams can be recorded for future use. 

L.A. Castle Studios — the future of production studios has arrived.

-L.A. Castle Studios Team

News on News

Need to film a news scene? We’ve got you covered. L.A. Castle Studios is proud to offer beautiful news sets, complete with stunning news desks. Every element and monitor on the set and desks are customizable with your graphics, photos, videos, and logos.

Do our news sets look familiar? We use the same designer for many of the sets you’ve seen on Fox, NBC, and other major networks.

Recently, the news scenes from Universal Pictures’ The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, and Russell Crowe were filmed on our stage in Burbank. We’ve also filmed news scenes for TV shows including Bosch on Amazon Prime, infomercials, and videos for the web.

When information is critical, we’ve made it easy to get the word out; whether it’s for the real world or a fictional world in your next TV series or movie.

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Below is a news scene we made for a feature film.

Linda Gray on Hallmark Channel Discussing Hilton Head Island

TV legend Linda Gray, star of the CBS series Dallas, one of the highest rated TV series of all time, appeared recently on Hallmark Channel to discuss her latest project, Hilton Head Island. Hilton Head Island was created by Tim Pipher at L.A. Castle Studios and the entire 32 episode series was filmed on our stage.

Linda Gray was a delight to work with.

When filming Hilton Head Island, our Unreal Video Game Engine technology allowed us to re-create locations from around Hilton Head Island in South Carolina on our stage in Burbank, California. Golf course sets, restaurant sets, living room sets, hotel sets, hospital sets, kitchen sets, patio sets, bedroom sets, and many more -- more than 50 locations in fact, were filmed on our stage with complete reality, saving millions in location and set construction fees. When our director and crew looked at the monitors surrounding our stage, they saw the actors as they appeared in the various environments including full background, lighting, and moving cameras. And, when it's time to film on those scenes again -- they're ready to go, stored digitally in our standing set library.

For the future of standing sets and backlots, this has huge implications. L.A. Castle Studios has access to a library of thousands of standing sets on our digital backlot. And if we're missing any location, we can create it as we did for many of the scenes on Hilton Head Island.

If you're looking to film a TV show, feature film, talk show, soap opera and more, contact us and film here at L.A. Castle Studios in 4K in any location you can imagine, past, present, or future.

Please be sure to watch the video below and then watch seasons 1 & 2 of Hilton Head Island, streaming now at

"The Art of Stagecraft" at L.A. Castle Studios

L.A. Castle Studios was honored to have been the host location for a panel conversation on “The Art of Stagecraft”, presented by the Burbank Arts for All Foundation. 

Our studio was a unique location for the panel because the panelists were sitting on a green stage with green behind them. But, in the monitors surrounding our stage, the panel audience was seeing something totally different and in many ways, amazing. In the monitors, the background behind the panel was rotating to various beautiful locations as we brought up virtual sets powered by the Unreal Video Game Engine. From a beautiful penthouse virtual set overlooking Downtown Los Angeles by night to a space station virtual set, to a backyard virtual set, to the Wild West, London, and many places in-between, the audience was treated to a visual delight. 

L.A. Castle Studios’ virtual studio technology, powered by the Unreal Video Game Engine allows for productions like this, and movies, TV shows, talk shows, and more to take place anywhere you can dream; past, present, or future, on virtual sets powered by the Unreal Video Game engine. 

Take a look at the video below and while you watch, please keep a few things in mind. 

1. Think about how our revolutionary technology might work with your production — imagineer being able to quickly film in many locations, at the push of a button!

2. We did not stop the panel to configure lighting for each set. Our system allows for full control over stage and cinema lighting; just as if you were really filming on any of these locations.

3. The panelists were not mic’d individually — we apologize for any audio problems!

Thanks for reading and watching! Now be sure to book a tour of our production studio, located in Burbank, California. 

And, be sure to support the Burbank Arts for All Foundation here:

-L.A. Castle Studios Team