Virtual Standing Sets — A Location Scout’s Dream

Discovering the perfect location for a film or TV project is tough. First, depending on the project, the locations you need are often thousands of miles away and then thousands of miles apart. Second, you have to deal with weather for outdoor projects, permitting, unexpected noise in the area, construction costs, paying to reserve the space, set storage costs, thinking about travel times for cast and crew, and much more.

Now, there’s a better way. L.A. Castle Studios has scientifically pioneered advances in the availability of standing sets. Our virtual backlot contains standing sets for any scene you can dream past, present, or future. Unlike other virtual studios, every scene on our stage is live-composited so you can see exactly what you’re recording, with full moving cameras — as if you were really filming in that location.

We have full creative control over our standing sets. We can change colors, design, perspective, and often even the weather. Imagine filming your next project at L.A. Castle Studios: one minute your actors are in the hot sun of the Sahara Desert, the next, in cool and breezy coastal New Zealand, then a tragedy at a New England hospital, now poolside at Los Angeles mansion — all without ever leaving our stage. You can even travel to the past like Victorian London or anywhere else, or to the future in a technological paradise or dystopian realm. The cost savings and creative advantages are enormous.

Contact L.A. Castle studios today for a tour of our studio and a demonstration of our standing sets and virtual backlot.

-L.A. Castle Studios Team