Shadows: The Great Equalizer

Shadows are visible everywhere you look, but you probably don’t think much about them, until they’re gone. At many studios, and every competing studio using green technology, talent shadows disappear the moment they step on stage. Your viewers will notice that the shadows are gone. And as your viewers notice, your video or film will lose reality and credibility. 

At L.A. Castle Studios, we’ve unlocked the secret to seeing and recording real shadows on our stage and in all of our sets. Actor shadows are visible on the floor and on walls — even on walls that don’t really exist.

Why are shadows so important? Suppose you’re filming one scene or an entire production in a sunny Italian village, or on a hot and sunny California beach. If you were to go through all of the inconvenience and expense of taking your crew, equipment, and talent all to the Italian village or California beach and shooting the scene or production, then you would obviously see talent shadows on the road, sidewalk, walls, and sand, but at a very high financial expense. If you were to film at most green screen studios, you might save some money, but shadows would suddenly disappear. It’s a limitation of most green screen technology. But that’s exactly why we built L.A. Castle Studios. We’re the only studio in the world to figure out how to film one scene or a an entire series on green technology with shadows while saving producers huge amounts of money. Don’t ask us how we do it, because we won’t tell you, but we will be happy to give you a tour and a live demo of our amazing technology and we guarantee that you will be astounded by what you are seeing. 

L.A. Castle Studios, provides all of the equipment, crew, filming permits, technology, and shadows to make your ultimate production dreams come true. Contact us today for a free tour and demo.