"Movie Magic" at L.A. Castle Studios

We love editors. They’re a crucial component to making productions come to life on screen. The best editors pay careful attention to every detail of every frame in order to provide the finest product for their client and the viewer. Footage recorded at L.A. Castle Studios was recently brought in front of one of these “best editors.” As the editor pored over every frame, he was shocked by the lengths his client had gone to in order to film in exotic locations. One scene was filmed in snow, another in jungle, and seemingly all around the world. As the editor worked through clips, he was more and more amazed with each minute of footage. Then he noticed something in a beach scene, and (we imagine it went something like this) he leaned in close to his computer monitors, put his hand over his mouth and audibly gasped. What he noticed is that there were no talent footprints being left in the sand as they walked. This particular client filmed at L.A. Castle Studios and these varying outdoor scenes were recorded on our stage using the Unreal Video Game Engine and technology available here. By forgoing travel to each of these exotic locales, our client saved money, time, and greenhouse gas emissions.

We welcome your inquiries for a tour and demo L.A. Castle Studios, TV and film, and talk show studio in Burbank, California. Film your indoor and outdoor scenes here!

Thinking about footprints? By bringing real sand, snow, or dirt onto the stage, footprints will appear just as they should.

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