What's the Difference -- Filming on One of Our Virtual Talk Show Sets Vs. A Traditional Talk Show Set?

Our Virtual Talk Show Sets Are Much Better!

Our talk show sets are easily and infinitely customizable. Don’t like the color of the walls? We’ll change it to exactly what you’re looking for — with a few clicks. Prefer a hardwood floor over a granite floor or vice-versa? We’ll change it no problem.

If you would prefer more on-set monitors, or fewer, we’ve got that covered too. Is the set overlooking Downtown Los Angeles but your show is supposed to be based in Nashville? No problem; we’ll change the city the set is overlooking to Nashville, or any other location; often with flowing traffic and planes flying by just as they would be in the real world. It’s your show — we’ll get the set exactly as you want it with much greater flexibility than traditional standing talk show sets.

Our talk show sets are more beautiful than most traditional sets because of the simple fact that our digital sets always look “fresh” and newly built and newly painted. Unlike traditional sets, our talk show sets don’t fade with use and time. They’re just as beautiful and vibrant on day 300 as they were on day 1.

Our talk show sets have more options for additional monitors, additional areas, and what seems to be a much larger space than is available on traditional talk show sets.

We offer more production value. By filming at L.A. Castle Studios, you have access to our huge library of additional talk show sets and practical sets as well. If you want your talent to begin on a talk show set and then move to a living room or airport or forest — that’s no problem. We simply change sets and your talent will be in those environments. If you want the set or city it’s overlooking to change from day to night, that’s no problem either. If you want to start on one talk show set for interviews and then switch to another talk show set for a cooking demo or something else, we can make that happen too!

Our sets are environmentally friendly. By eliminating the wood materials needed for set construction, we’re saving trees and the fossil fuels required to harvest, process, and transport for traditional sets. For each additional of our environments you film on, you’re saving carbon emissions by reducing travel.

Set dressing and furniture? You dress our sets exactly as you would on a traditional talk show stage. Bring on as much furniture as you want — we only ask that you avoid green and highly reflective set pieces. Otherwise, you film with us exactly as you would elsewhere. We provide fantastic cameras, lighting, audio, and crew. L.A. Castle Studios is a one-stop talk-show-shop.

Thanks for reading! Please contact us any time to book a tour and demo of the L.A. Castle Studios talk show and film stage in Burbank, California.

Screen+Shot+2018-09-14+at+4.03.05+PM (3).jpeg

"Movie Magic" at L.A. Castle Studios

We love editors. They’re a crucial component to making productions come to life on screen. The best editors pay careful attention to every detail of every frame in order to provide the finest product for their client and the viewer. Footage recorded at L.A. Castle Studios was recently brought in front of one of these “best editors.” As the editor pored over every frame, he was shocked by the lengths his client had gone to in order to film in exotic locations. One scene was filmed in snow, another in jungle, and seemingly all around the world. As the editor worked through clips, he was more and more amazed with each minute of footage. Then he noticed something in a beach scene, and (we imagine it went something like this) he leaned in close to his computer monitors, put his hand over his mouth and audibly gasped. What he noticed is that there were no talent footprints being left in the sand as they walked. This particular client filmed at L.A. Castle Studios and these varying outdoor scenes were recorded on our stage using the Unreal Video Game Engine and technology available here. By forgoing travel to each of these exotic locales, our client saved money, time, and greenhouse gas emissions.

We welcome your inquiries for a tour and demo L.A. Castle Studios, TV and film, and talk show studio in Burbank, California. Film your indoor and outdoor scenes here!

Thinking about footprints? By bringing real sand, snow, or dirt onto the stage, footprints will appear just as they should.

Thanks for reading!

One Studio — One Video — Seven Very Different Locations

What L.A. Castle Studios has become famous for is the speed at which producers can create high quality content with (once on-site) zero travel time or expenses, zero construction time or expenses, and nearly zero setup time.

The stills below are from a yet to be released promotional video shoot that took place recently on only one stage at L.A. Castle Studios. Various set background locations include our airport standing set, airplane standing set, skyscraper apartment standing set, lakefront house / living room standing set, warehouse standing set, and corporate-style penthouse standing set. To film in each location, we used our unique Unreal video game engine technology to generate a perfectly realistic yet fully virtual standing set. In the monitors surrounding the stage, the crew, producers, and director could see each set live and fully composited. This live view included camera movements, focus, depth of field, iris, lighting, and all aspects of a regular video shoot. Switching from location to location took mere minutes. Like any of our film shoots, there was almost no difference in filming on our stage verses actually filming in these various locations — except our stage is much better.

By shooting the every scene at L.A. Castle Studios,

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions from set-to-set travel were eliminated.

  2. Environmental harm from construction materials and construction was eliminated.

  3. Huge amounts of time and money were saved; the entire shoot took hours — not weeks.

  4. Cast and crew were happy. The beautiful L.A. Castle Studios facility is comfortable and luxurious.

  5. The final video is of a consistently very high quality.

We can’t show the full video yet, but we will plan to do so soon.

Contact us anytime for a tour and demo of L.A. Castle Studios in Burbank, California.

Thoughts From An Intern Post #2

To finish my first week, I was able to spend Thursday and Friday completing different kinds of tasks. The day was filled activity. The first and most important of these tasks was to give tours of the facility to potential clients. Brooks is manager at the studio; therefore, he is typically the one who conducts these tours and he was more than willing to let me observe the process. It was interesting to hear about each person’s vision for their show, commercial, or creative video. For example, one client might want to shoot a talk show about sports, while another might want to create a series of short videos for a social media campaign. I began to see the endless possibilities, especially considering the level of technology that we have at our disposal. The objective of the tours is to showcase everything that L.A. Castle Studios has to offer. 

I also had the opportunity to observe Brett while editing on Final Cut Pro X. As an editor, I am experienced only on Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, so watching him work in Final Cut felt foreign. However, I quickly began to see the similarities between the systems. Later, I was able to try my hand at editing a short video and spend the rest of my afternoon experimenting with it. It was nice to be back behind the computer cutting clips. There is a huge contrast between production and non-production days; yet, there are things that I love about each. 


Thoughts From An Intern Post #1

L.A. Castle Studios is proud to be able to host some of the best and brightest future entertainment industry leaders as interns. Our interns experience first hand what it’s like to work in a fast-paced production studio environment and they’re provided opportunities to learn, make mistakes, and grow in many facets of the studio; from the virtual system, to cameras, lighting, editing, and directing.

One of our interns for the summer has come all the way from South Carolina. She’s chronicling her experiences at L.A. Castle Studios and we’ll be posting them in blog form here.

Welcome to the studio, Rachel!

Thoughts from an Intern #1:

My name is Rachel and my first two days interning at L.A. Castle Studios in Burbank were nothing less than exhilarating. I have a fascination with the recording and editing process; and I knew a successful studio was the place to be in order to learn more. My goal while studying at L.A. Castle Studios is to observe the crew at work and get hands on experience using their advanced systems for virtual sets.

As a college junior at Anderson University in South Carolina, I wasn’t sure what to expect when walking into a true production studio. I have to admit, at first it was overwhelming. But soon, it became exciting. I was finally able to visualize all the moving parts of a production. When seeing everything play out, I have realized how much work goes into every shot. Production assistants are just as vital to the set as directors or the camera crew. Every single individual is striving to do their best in the job that they have been given. They are willing to invest their time to create something that they can be proud of. This is the kind of team that I wish to be a part of.

So far I have been jumping in when needed, and otherwise observing the professionals at work. I am excited to begin working behind the computer and seeing more of that L.A. Castle Studios has in store.


Tilting Up -- Amazing Technology for Standing Sets

Traditional talk show and sitcom sets limit camera movement, especially for shots that tilt up. Why? Because studio lights are present above each set, and tilting up would reveal those lights, breaking the reality of the shot — especially on a sitcom. But what about standing sets at L.A. Castle Studios? Whether it's for a talk show, live sitcom show, game show, or even a full-length feature film, our standing sets allow full camera movement.

In the attached video, look at what happens when our jib operator tilts up. You see not the lights of our studio, but a kitchen atrium with a tree blowing in the wind. If you were to construct this home at any other studio in Burbank, it would be impossible for you to see a ceiling and the sky like this.

Now one small portion of our Italian Village set. Again, when our jib operator tilts up, you see the sky. Even though the actor is actually standing indoors.

Over to our warehouse set. Filming in a traditional warehouse would involve a very complicated lighting setup — which of course we have running on stage, but when we tilt up, you don’t see our real lights. You see the lights of the warehouse just as they should be. This can lead to some very cool shots that are impossible in a real warehouse.

One more example for you — Over to our space station. Again, when my jib operator tilts up, you see the ceiling of the space station. Our actor is still on our same stage in Burbank, but he sees himself in the space station and you see him there too. This space station is huge. It would take a million dollars or more to build. We have it for much less and it’s just as, if not more real than if it were really built on any other stage in Burbank.

Now I know you think this is bogus, but we invite you to our studio for a free tour and live demo of our amazing technology and show you in person, what this blog post is about. Give us a call at 818-861-7317.

Shadows: The Great Equalizer

Shadows are visible everywhere you look, but you probably don’t think much about them, until they’re gone. At many studios, and every competing studio using green technology, talent shadows disappear the moment they step on stage. Your viewers will notice that the shadows are gone. And as your viewers notice, your video or film will lose reality and credibility. 

At L.A. Castle Studios, we’ve unlocked the secret to seeing and recording real shadows on our stage and in all of our sets. Actor shadows are visible on the floor and on walls — even on walls that don’t really exist.

Why are shadows so important? Suppose you’re filming one scene or an entire production in a sunny Italian village, or on a hot and sunny California beach. If you were to go through all of the inconvenience and expense of taking your crew, equipment, and talent all to the Italian village or California beach and shooting the scene or production, then you would obviously see talent shadows on the road, sidewalk, walls, and sand, but at a very high financial expense. If you were to film at most green screen studios, you might save some money, but shadows would suddenly disappear. It’s a limitation of most green screen technology. But that’s exactly why we built L.A. Castle Studios. We’re the only studio in the world to figure out how to film one scene or a an entire series on green technology with shadows while saving producers huge amounts of money. Don’t ask us how we do it, because we won’t tell you, but we will be happy to give you a tour and a live demo of our amazing technology and we guarantee that you will be astounded by what you are seeing. 

L.A. Castle Studios, provides all of the equipment, crew, filming permits, technology, and shadows to make your ultimate production dreams come true. Contact us today for a free tour and demo. 

L.A. Castle Studios Honored to Host Chinese New Year Party

Our studio owner Tim Pipher was honored to host, along with Cinema Libre Studios and world champion boxer “Iron” Mike Tyson, a Chinese New Year party at L.A. Castle Studios. The party included celebrities, stunning martial arts performances, awards, raffles, and of course delicious sushi, noodles, and desserts.

Thank you to all who attended this fantastic evening event.

Happy New Year!

New Video Shows Off The Capabilities of L.A. Castle Studios

Our studio, L.A. Castle Studios, “The World's Leading Studio for Spectacular  -- and Cheap -- Talk Shows, News Sets, Host Wraps, and Game Shows” has released a new promo video showing off the possibilities of its full service production studio. 

Please be sure to watch and then schedule a tour and demo at our Burbank location. 

Airport Terminal Film Set at L.A. Castle Studios

One of the problems faced by filmmakers and location scouts is that available sets and locations are often restricted by budget, distance, and availability.

Even though many scripts call for airport scenes, terminals are notoriously difficult to film in. Permits are expensive, and extras difficult to secure. In addition, there are the difficulties that come with security, and real travelers trying to catch their flights.

L.A. Castle Studios has solved these difficulties with our new Airport Terminal Film Set. Our airport terminal is available now, can be customized to suit any geographic locale, specific airport, or airline, and includes digital actors in the background. We have the whole airport available including TSA, baggage claim, and more.

Contact L.A. Castle Studios today and film your next production at our studio on our airport film set.

A sample of the set is below:

Production Offices Now Available for Rent

Production Offices for Rent

L.A. Castle Studios in Burbank is offering gorgeous new production offices for month-to-month rental or annual lease. Marvelous location at the intersection of Olive Ave. and S. Victory Blvd., across the street from Nickelodeon Studios, and up the street from Warner Bros.Studios and Disney Studios.

Beautiful private offices, many with tons of glass and views of the studio, range from $1,500 to $1,750 per month all in, including utilities and robust internet. Businesses connected to the TV/Movie/Media/Production industries, directly or indirectly, are preferred. Chances are strong that if your company is in these fields, our studio or your fellow tenants may employ your firm in our/their projects. Let's make some money together! Or if you'd prefer to keep to yourself, that's fine too.

In addition to your private office, you'll receive spectacular collaborative amenities, including our in-house coffee shop, pool table, lounge areas with big screen TV's, dining areas, sunny patio, conference areas, and more all included.

Also included is free Studio B usage, including elite quality cameras and lenses, for promotional or social media videos.

Contact us quickly for maximum office choices.

Top Ten Reasons to Shoot Your Film or TV Series on Virtual Sets

1. Virtual is more Versatile

Shooting your feature film or TV series on virtual makes sense — because it’s better than shooting in the real world. In the virtual world, the team at L.A. Castle Studios has full control over the weather, wind, lighting, landscape, and scenery.

In the real world, if cast and crew arrive on scene and the shots are not fitting for your concept, you’re out a huge expense and there’s little you can do to change anything. In virtual, our team can spend ten or fifteen minutes to design your scene so that it matches your vision exactly.

2. Virtual Saves Money

We have access to thousands of sets in our backlot and we’re always adding more to our library. From beaches in New Zealand, to mountains on the planet Mars, to southern mansions in South Carolina, to a talk show set, to Ancient Rome, we have or can create any scene or set you envision — with full moving cameras and total reality.

Instead of building giant sets only to tear them down, and flying your cast and crew from place to place and country to country, film everything on our stages at L.A. Castle Studios.

3. Virtual is Better for the Environment

Traditional set construction methods and cast and crew travel are not environmentally friendly. In fact, many sets are built for films and TV series only to be torn down soon after shooting. It’s a waste of resources.

At L.A. Castle Studios, our sets are created digitally, and stored digitally to save on building materials. And every scene is available in one location, reducing or eliminating fossil fuel emissions from cast and crew.

4. Virtual is Ready for Season 2 — or the Reboot

Some of the team at L.A. Castle Studios recently went to view a taping of Last Man Standing on the CBS lot. When Last Man Standing was canceled in 2017, the entire set was torn down to make room for new series. When the show was picked up again by FOX, the entire set needed to be rebuilt exactly as it was before — a major project.

At L.A. Castle Studios, every set is stored digitally at no additional cost to you. So when your show is picked up for Season 2, or ready for a reboot, your sets will be waiting for you just as you left them.

5. Virtual Allows Shots Not Possible in the Real World

At L.A. Castle Studios, our supercomputers are always working to mask out imperfections in your scene. At a traditional studio or on-location, a low shot looking up in an outdoor scene would reveal lighting equipment or the ceiling of the stage. Here, our computers mask out those lights and the ceiling for a clear view of the daytime (or nighttime) sky.

We can even shoot 360 degrees. When our cameras look back towards the director and crew, what’s recorded is a continuation of the set. It’s truly amazing.

6. Virtual Environments are Larger than Life

Often filmmakers are constricted by limits to their sets and filming locations. When you want to film on a space station (for instance), budget restrictions on traditional sets often allow only for the construction of one or two rooms of that space station — limiting creative freedom. Our sets are huge — larger than you’ll ever need. Our space station has every room and wing that would be present on a real space station. All perfectly lit and ready for filming.

The same is true for our towns, homes, and cities. With most of our city sets, you are not limited to one street or one home — but you have freedom to explore and film in what’s often a large town or city. The L.A. Castle Studios team will adjust the set in real time with your actors on stage so that it exactly matches your vision.

7. Virtual Sets Allow for What Seems Like Extravagant Spending

Let’s say you’re filming a scene that takes place in an apartment in Los Angeles. In traditional filmmaking, you might have two options that fit your film or series: An apartment overlooking Downtown Los Angeles or an apartment that looks straight into a brick wall. If in this scene the owner of that apartment is supposed to be wealthy, you’ll want to use the Downtown L.A. scene — but often the brick wall will be much more affordable and will keep your film in budget so you will not be able to shoot overlooking Downtown L.A, and your film or series will not look as good. At L.A. Castle Studios, that same apartment can overlook DTLA or a brick wall or London of the 1600’s — whatever best fits the scene. And we can put in expensive furniture or inexpensive furniture digitally or using real props for whatever would best fit that scene.

8. Virtual Saves Time

Our team at L.A. Castle Studios is so good at shooting on these environments that we’ve redefined what it means to shoot quickly. For a recent soap opera filmed on our stage we were sometimes shooting 30 pages per day — nearly impossible without virtual.

9. Virtual Fixes Mistakes

Test audiences of a recent feature film with a $125,000,000+ budget said recently that the movie didn’t make sense. So the studio contacted L.A. Castle Studios and quickly filmed new scenes here that tied the movie together. Three weeks later, it was released in theaters across the country. At L.A. Castle Studios, we have any scene imaginable ready to make your film make sense.

10. Virtual Can Make Your Film or Series

For films and series with budgets of over $10,000,000, by opening up your film to the thousands of locations that we have available at L.A. Castle Studios and saving money on set construction and travel, your film will have a million dollars or more in savings that can be used on marketing, distribution, or anything else. The savings here will get your production in front of a larger audience.

For films and series with budgets of under $10,000,000, filming here will make it look like you’ve spent much more on your production. You’ll be moving from the “low-budget look” to the very high end look while saving money and reaping all of the benefits of virtual.

Contact L.A. Castle studios today and harness the power of virtual for your production. We would love to give you a tour and demo of our beautiful production facility.

Virtual Standing Sets — A Location Scout’s Dream

Discovering the perfect location for a film or TV project is tough. First, depending on the project, the locations you need are often thousands of miles away and then thousands of miles apart. Second, you have to deal with weather for outdoor projects, permitting, unexpected noise in the area, construction costs, paying to reserve the space, set storage costs, thinking about travel times for cast and crew, and much more.

Now, there’s a better way. L.A. Castle Studios has scientifically pioneered advances in the availability of standing sets. Our virtual backlot contains standing sets for any scene you can dream past, present, or future. Unlike other virtual studios, every scene on our stage is live-composited so you can see exactly what you’re recording, with full moving cameras — as if you were really filming in that location.

We have full creative control over our standing sets. We can change colors, design, perspective, and often even the weather. Imagine filming your next project at L.A. Castle Studios: one minute your actors are in the hot sun of the Sahara Desert, the next, in cool and breezy coastal New Zealand, then a tragedy at a New England hospital, now poolside at Los Angeles mansion — all without ever leaving our stage. You can even travel to the past like Victorian London or anywhere else, or to the future in a technological paradise or dystopian realm. The cost savings and creative advantages are enormous.

Contact L.A. Castle studios today for a tour of our studio and a demonstration of our standing sets and virtual backlot.

-L.A. Castle Studios Team

Live Streaming — Changing Production Convenience

Have you ever wanted to film on particular dates, but find your client unavailable to travel to Los Angeles on those dates? Good news! L.A. Castle Studios has engineered a video linking service. Our video linking service allows productions being filmed on our stage to be streamed to your client, no matter where they are. The stream, like most productions on our stage, is live-composited so you and your clients will see full set environments and actors together. 

While viewing the live stream, your clients can make comments on the production and you can ensure that you’re meeting your client’s vision. For a “behind the scenes” type video, these streams can be recorded for future use. 

L.A. Castle Studios — the future of production studios has arrived.

-L.A. Castle Studios Team

News on News

Need to film a news scene? We’ve got you covered. L.A. Castle Studios is proud to offer beautiful news sets, complete with stunning news desks. Every element and monitor on the set and desks are customizable with your graphics, photos, videos, and logos.

Do our news sets look familiar? We use the same designer for many of the sets you’ve seen on Fox, NBC, and other major networks.

Recently, the news scenes from Universal Pictures’ The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, and Russell Crowe were filmed on our stage in Burbank. We’ve also filmed news scenes for TV shows including Bosch on Amazon Prime, infomercials, and videos for the web.

When information is critical, we’ve made it easy to get the word out; whether it’s for the real world or a fictional world in your next TV series or movie.

Contact us today for a tour of our studio and demonstrations of our various news scenes.

Below is a news scene we made for a feature film.

Linda Gray on Hallmark Channel Discussing Hilton Head Island

TV legend Linda Gray, star of the CBS series Dallas, one of the highest rated TV series of all time, appeared recently on Hallmark Channel to discuss her latest project, Hilton Head Island. Hilton Head Island was created by Tim Pipher at L.A. Castle Studios and the entire 32 episode series was filmed on our stage.

Linda Gray was a delight to work with.

When filming Hilton Head Island, our Unreal Video Game Engine technology allowed us to re-create locations from around Hilton Head Island in South Carolina on our stage in Burbank, California. Golf course sets, restaurant sets, living room sets, hotel sets, hospital sets, kitchen sets, patio sets, bedroom sets, and many more -- more than 50 locations in fact, were filmed on our stage with complete reality, saving millions in location and set construction fees. When our director and crew looked at the monitors surrounding our stage, they saw the actors as they appeared in the various environments including full background, lighting, and moving cameras. And, when it's time to film on those scenes again -- they're ready to go, stored digitally in our standing set library.

For the future of standing sets and backlots, this has huge implications. L.A. Castle Studios has access to a library of thousands of standing sets on our digital backlot. And if we're missing any location, we can create it as we did for many of the scenes on Hilton Head Island.

If you're looking to film a TV show, feature film, talk show, soap opera and more, contact us and film here at L.A. Castle Studios in 4K in any location you can imagine, past, present, or future.

Please be sure to watch the video below and then watch seasons 1 & 2 of Hilton Head Island, streaming now at Pureflix.com.

"The Art of Stagecraft" at L.A. Castle Studios

L.A. Castle Studios was honored to have been the host location for a panel conversation on “The Art of Stagecraft”, presented by the Burbank Arts for All Foundation. 

Our studio was a unique location for the panel because the panelists were sitting on a green stage with green behind them. But, in the monitors surrounding our stage, the panel audience was seeing something totally different and in many ways, amazing. In the monitors, the background behind the panel was rotating to various beautiful locations as we brought up virtual sets powered by the Unreal Video Game Engine. From a beautiful penthouse virtual set overlooking Downtown Los Angeles by night to a space station virtual set, to a backyard virtual set, to the Wild West, London, and many places in-between, the audience was treated to a visual delight. 

L.A. Castle Studios’ virtual studio technology, powered by the Unreal Video Game Engine allows for productions like this, and movies, TV shows, talk shows, and more to take place anywhere you can dream; past, present, or future, on virtual sets powered by the Unreal Video Game engine. 

Take a look at the video below and while you watch, please keep a few things in mind. 

1. Think about how our revolutionary technology might work with your production — imagineer being able to quickly film in many locations, at the push of a button!

2. We did not stop the panel to configure lighting for each set. Our system allows for full control over stage and cinema lighting; just as if you were really filming on any of these locations.

3. The panelists were not mic’d individually — we apologize for any audio problems!

Thanks for reading and watching! Now be sure to book a tour of our production studio, located in Burbank, California. 

And, be sure to support the Burbank Arts for All Foundation here: http://www.burbankartsforall.org/support-us/

-L.A. Castle Studios Team