news scene

News on News

Need to film a news scene? We’ve got you covered. L.A. Castle Studios is proud to offer beautiful news sets, complete with stunning news desks. Every element and monitor on the set and desks are customizable with your graphics, photos, videos, and logos.

Do our news sets look familiar? We use the same designer for many of the sets you’ve seen on Fox, NBC, and other major networks.

Recently, the news scenes from Universal Pictures’ The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, and Russell Crowe were filmed on our stage in Burbank. We’ve also filmed news scenes for TV shows including Bosch on Amazon Prime, infomercials, and videos for the web.

When information is critical, we’ve made it easy to get the word out; whether it’s for the real world or a fictional world in your next TV series or movie.

Contact us today for a tour of our studio and demonstrations of our various news scenes.

Below is a news scene we made for a feature film.