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What's the Difference -- Filming on One of Our Virtual Talk Show Sets Vs. A Traditional Talk Show Set?

Our Virtual Talk Show Sets Are Much Better!

Our talk show sets are easily and infinitely customizable. Don’t like the color of the walls? We’ll change it to exactly what you’re looking for — with a few clicks. Prefer a hardwood floor over a granite floor or vice-versa? We’ll change it no problem.

If you would prefer more on-set monitors, or fewer, we’ve got that covered too. Is the set overlooking Downtown Los Angeles but your show is supposed to be based in Nashville? No problem; we’ll change the city the set is overlooking to Nashville, or any other location; often with flowing traffic and planes flying by just as they would be in the real world. It’s your show — we’ll get the set exactly as you want it with much greater flexibility than traditional standing talk show sets.

Our talk show sets are more beautiful than most traditional sets because of the simple fact that our digital sets always look “fresh” and newly built and newly painted. Unlike traditional sets, our talk show sets don’t fade with use and time. They’re just as beautiful and vibrant on day 300 as they were on day 1.

Our talk show sets have more options for additional monitors, additional areas, and what seems to be a much larger space than is available on traditional talk show sets.

We offer more production value. By filming at L.A. Castle Studios, you have access to our huge library of additional talk show sets and practical sets as well. If you want your talent to begin on a talk show set and then move to a living room or airport or forest — that’s no problem. We simply change sets and your talent will be in those environments. If you want the set or city it’s overlooking to change from day to night, that’s no problem either. If you want to start on one talk show set for interviews and then switch to another talk show set for a cooking demo or something else, we can make that happen too!

Our sets are environmentally friendly. By eliminating the wood materials needed for set construction, we’re saving trees and the fossil fuels required to harvest, process, and transport for traditional sets. For each additional of our environments you film on, you’re saving carbon emissions by reducing travel.

Set dressing and furniture? You dress our sets exactly as you would on a traditional talk show stage. Bring on as much furniture as you want — we only ask that you avoid green and highly reflective set pieces. Otherwise, you film with us exactly as you would elsewhere. We provide fantastic cameras, lighting, audio, and crew. L.A. Castle Studios is a one-stop talk-show-shop.

Thanks for reading! Please contact us any time to book a tour and demo of the L.A. Castle Studios talk show and film stage in Burbank, California.

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