Thoughts From An Intern Post #1

L.A. Castle Studios is proud to be able to host some of the best and brightest future entertainment industry leaders as interns. Our interns experience first hand what it’s like to work in a fast-paced production studio environment and they’re provided opportunities to learn, make mistakes, and grow in many facets of the studio; from the virtual system, to cameras, lighting, editing, and directing.

One of our interns for the summer has come all the way from South Carolina. She’s chronicling her experiences at L.A. Castle Studios and we’ll be posting them in blog form here.

Welcome to the studio, Rachel!

Thoughts from an Intern #1:

My name is Rachel and my first two days interning at L.A. Castle Studios in Burbank were nothing less than exhilarating. I have a fascination with the recording and editing process; and I knew a successful studio was the place to be in order to learn more. My goal while studying at L.A. Castle Studios is to observe the crew at work and get hands on experience using their advanced systems for virtual sets.

As a college junior at Anderson University in South Carolina, I wasn’t sure what to expect when walking into a true production studio. I have to admit, at first it was overwhelming. But soon, it became exciting. I was finally able to visualize all the moving parts of a production. When seeing everything play out, I have realized how much work goes into every shot. Production assistants are just as vital to the set as directors or the camera crew. Every single individual is striving to do their best in the job that they have been given. They are willing to invest their time to create something that they can be proud of. This is the kind of team that I wish to be a part of.

So far I have been jumping in when needed, and otherwise observing the professionals at work. I am excited to begin working behind the computer and seeing more of that L.A. Castle Studios has in store.